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Grow Your Criminal Law Practice The Right Way

After working with countless criminal lawyers, we’ve learned exactly what works and what doesn’t. If you want to grow your practice in today’s highly competitive market, you need to avoid the common mistakes that most criminal lawyers make when trying to grow their practice through online marketing. That’s what our free eBook is all about.

Marketing your criminal practice shouldn’t have to be so complicated – click the button below to get our free eBook and start attracting more cases and signing more clients.

Trusted by Criminal Lawyers for 20+ years

Streamline Your Marketing

If you want to grow your criminal law practice effectively, you can’t just rely on word-of-mouth marketing, ineffective SEO, or costly advertising techniques. Stop wasting your precious time, energy and money and start getting the clients you know you deserve.

Attract Leads Consistently

By avoiding these 5 common mistakes you make it easier for qualified clients to know, trust and hire your practice.

Close More Cases

With a better and more cost-effective marketing strategy, you can attract more clients without breaking the bank.

Help Your Clients Win

When you don’t have to worry about marketing, you can focus on what you do best – getting your clients a fair trial.

Trusted by Criminal Lawyers for 20+ years
How To Rank Top of The Search for Crimal Lawyers

Marketing Strategies That Will Elevate Your Practice Status

When a potential client is searching for help online, does your practice show up in the first few results? How about on the first page? With the majority of consumers searching for criminal lawyers online, your practice might be missing out on a consistent flow of quality leads.

That’s why we created this free eBook, to help criminal lawyers position their practice as the first and best option so they attract qualified leads, predictably.

Trusted by Criminal Lawyers for 20+ years

You Don’t Need To Be A Marketing Expert

To Grow Your Criminal Law Practice

At JustCharged, we’ve developed a unique process that has helped dozens of clients experience an average of 300% ROI from their marketing efforts. Throughout our many years of experience, here’s what we’ve helped our clients achieve:

Consistent Leads

Never run out of qualified leads reaching out to you, daily.

Social Presence

With the right strategy, marketing on social media is easy.

First Page Rankings

We help our clients get their practice on the first page of Google.

Become The Best

Save time with simplified marketing and do what you do best.

Close More Cases

Attracting qualified leads results in closing higher-quality cases.

Your Practice Status

Dominate local listings and become the go-to practice in your market.

Trusted by Criminal Lawyers for 20+ years

About JustCharged

We Help Criminal Lawyers Win

A Message From Mark McCook (Co-Founder & Criminal Attorney)

We are a mission-driven community created by experienced criminal lawyers that seek to raise the standards of the criminal law industry by seamlessly connecting skilled criminal lawyers with people who’ve been charged so they can get the defense they deserve.

  • 100% exclusive for criminal law attorneys
  • Created by experienced criminal lawyers (500+ cases)
  • 20+ years of experience in marketing for lawyers
  • Real-time engagement, communication and support
  • Outstanding ROI for our clients (up to 300% for some lawyers!)

Our aim is to help criminal lawyers elevate their practice status by making it easier for them to close more clients and win more cases.

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  • Trusted by criminal lawyers for 20+ years
Trusted by Criminal Lawyers for 20+ years

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